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Cable Management For Web Workers

24 Feb 2008


BlueLounge Space Station … can be an immense pain in the toochis. Actually, it is, unequivocally, an immense pain. You can’t hope to solve it, you can only hope to momentarily fend off. The ipod, camera, external hard drive, keyboard, mouse, power cable … all expected to live in peace and harmony in the vicinity of what is most likely a laptop.

I had just (temporarily) solved my problem when I ran into this product via Uncrate called the Space Station, from BlueLounge. It tucks all of your cables underneath a small stand to rest your laptop up against, to place a small monitor on top of, maybe? From only the photos on the BlueLounge website you get the feeling that this might be a winner for those trying to come up with a solution to their own exponentially multiplying cable problem.

I'm working on something called!

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