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Weeknotes for the week ending Jun.17

17 Jun 2022 icon or logo. is an outstanding utility – one I’ve written about before – for watching directories and doing something based on when things changed, certain criteria, etc. The lightest lift is something like “move all screenshots in my Desktop to the trash after a month”, yadda yadda.

I host this blog on Netlify, but new images are being served by an instance of imgproxy that grabs them from an s3 bucket. All new photos that I add to my local “photos” directory I also want sent up to that S3 bucket. Until now it’s been a process of manually copying those files to the bucket.

Well, that’s boring.

How can I set things up to just automatically do it?

  1. Install s3cmd
  2. Set it up with s3cmd --configure. Save the config to the default location which is ~/.s3cfg
  3. Test it out: s3cmd put /path/to/local/file.jpg s3://your-bucket/some/existing/directory/ (it should work)
  4. If you’re using Hazel, at this point you can drag the directory you’re watching to the “Folders” pane on the left.
  5. Create a new rule that looks something similar to:

    If all of the following conditions are met:

    Extension is jpg

    Do the following to the matched file or folder:

    Run shell script, embedded script, (i) Edit Script

  6. Click that “Edit Script” and make it look like:

    /opt/homebrew/bin/s3cmd --config=~/.s3cfg put $1 s3://your-bucket/your/target/path/
  7. Open up the Hazel logs to make sure things worked: Help -> View Logs

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