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Weeknotes for the week ending Jan.21

21 Jan 2022

Pearl and I -- either yawning, or complaining to each other

When new posts are created and deployed here, they end up getting “announced” on a Slack channel with some local(-ish. New England.) friends from the web development community. I’d noticed that there were some small dinky details in the Slack RSS feed app that tipped me off that things could use some massaging. So. Of course. What better way to spend a weekend afternoon than watching sports and tinkering with Jekyll and other nonsense?

To wit:

  • Added a twitter plugin to this thing. Now I can embed tweets. How exciting, y’all, right?! 🎉
  • Meta description will now have a post-specific intro/synopsis.
  • My Alfred shortcut to create a post’s new skeleton will set up the permalink, directory structure, etc. based on the date for the following Friday. The end of the week for my “week notes” is Friday.
  • The side/hamburger menu now shows posts from the past few years.
  • Moved everything from S3 to Netlify.
  • Turned on https. Again, thanks to Netlify.
  • Generate a fb and twitter preview image for whenever, if ever, that one person shares one of these posts anywhere? Enh, why not. It was fun to do - writing a jekyll plugin or two. 🤷‍♂️

And in a gratuitous display of exercising some of these new capabilities, I will share a pithy tweet –

Seriously though. I marvel at all the good work the people at Netlify have done over the years to make deploying static sites so easy, painless, intuitive, and inexpensive. Go give them your business.


  • Reading: This tweet. This tweet about the dinosaur-killer meteorite is insane. Bonus lulz.
  • 🇧🇷 Learning: “Pagar o pato”. Literal translation: “to pay the duck”. Meaning: “to take the blame”.

    Note: Adding a new section here called “🇧🇷 Learning”. As I listen through some podcasts trying to improve my Portuguese vocabulary I’ll drop the interesting words/phrases in here in an effort to make them stick. Vou pagar o pato por não aprender mais português. Desculpe. [translation]

  • Listening: Headspace. We’re in full-on SAD (“seasonal affective disorder”) mode here so dipping back into some meditation is one way to stave off consecutive days of “the mondays”.

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