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Another Summer in the Books

04 Sep 2022

As we close the chapter on the summer of ‘22 I’m left dealing with the feelings that hit me every year at this time. “Summer’s over. School’s here. Stoke up the anxiety machine.”

As a grown man who hasn’t been in school for more than half his life, yes. I realize this makes no sense. Very well. Tell that to my brain.

In any case, I can look back on this summer and consider it a success. G had a great time at his day camp. We’d made it to the Cape more than a few times to enjoy some sun and water. I may have read a few books, and comics, that I very much enjoyed. I saw a few movies that I also enjoyed - Nope, and Top Gun: Maverick at the top of that list.

And we’ve managed to still ditch Covid. 🤜🪵

Looking back - I am grateful and happy.

G posing at Cautaumet Mini-Golf
It isn't a summer on the Cape without a few trips to a mini-golf course (or two).
Me, Sara, G @ Mashpee Commons' Big-Ass Chair
The giant blue deck chair in Mashpee Commons is easy photo-op bait - so we took it.
Joel and Sara, Woods Hole
Sara and I took a trip, just the two of us, one morning to Woods Hole to get some breakfast and take a stroll. It was lovely, as is Woods Hole.

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