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Weeknotes for the week ending Jul. 22

22 Jul 2022

Brothers and Sisters Coffee, Brookline Village
Brothers and Sisters Coffee, Brookline Village

Most weekday mornings I will walk G to the bus stop near Brookline High School for his trip to his day camp. We’re out the door at around 7:53AM and arriving just about at 8:00AM. The past week or so has been brutally hot so if I was going to get any time outside it’s going to be right after his drop-off. I’m not built for that 90+ degree stuff.

Thankfully, luckily, our town is pretty well stocked with parks and areas to walk in the shade. Shade is at a premium with this heat so I kept walking until I found a nice spot to take a break, and in this case, have a coffee. Brothers and Sisters (formerly the KooKoo Cafe) in the Village has been that little oasis thanks to the decent cold-brew, and copious seating & shade just outside.

Don’t know if it’s necessarily a spot to make the trip for, but for me it’s been a welcome break and spot to get my brain to slow down a bit.

Reading: A (cautionary) tale from a small-business-owner, lamenting the redesign of his website.

The comments at HN are, predictably, ludicrous, but I digress.

Having lived on the Agency side of this equation for a large hunk of my career there is a lot here that rings familiar and true. As I look back on those days, my freelancing days, I realize how profoundly underestimated and under-served the customer engagement and management portion of the equation is. I can look back and clearly pick out the spots where I done F’d up and wish I was more mature and better at that part of the job. Live and learn.

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