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Weeknotes for the week ending Dec.11

11 Dec 2021

The Instagram CEO testifying to congress and asserting that Instagram isn’t harmful is genuinely pretty funny. I’m over here falling into 40 mins to an hour of scrolling through videos of bulldogs doing funny shit, people dancing, and memes, being sold shit I never knew I needed (and legit almost buying all of it) – and someone is trying to tell me that digital crack-cocaine isn’t bad for me. O-Kay Guy! 👌

Somewhat related - we made our way to this new store in J.P. called Local Vyntage. For the most part, they sell nostalgia on tee-shirts. One of the first things I said to the nice young man working there was that whoever “does” their social is doing a great job because they targeted this 40-something man who grew up in Connecticut pretty ruthlessly via Instagram and got me to go to their store and pony up $$ for a Caldor t-shirt.

I’m not mad. I’m impressed!


Anyway. Instagram is still harmful. Tell me you don’t close that app feeling envious of people and feeling like your life is lacking and I’ll show you a liar.


  • Imposter Syndrome never leaves you. Ever.
  • I simultaneously love these Boston Celtics, and cannot stand them. This west coast trip was brutal and I’m awaiting the Brad trade-machine getting started.
  • Monkey-see’ing a lot of Ansible and docker-compose and wonder how anyone figures anything out ever. At least it’s not JavaScript (…please don’t cancel me).
  • Watching: Hawkeye. I am really, very much, enjoying it. The details they’re taking from Fraction and Aja’s run are sublime. Really great.
  • Listening: Since we’re talking nostalgia - The Goonies Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Photo: G’s school had its book fair this weekend and he was extremely excited to spend our money 😆! Well, well, worth it. I love watching him read.

G with his haul

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