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Installing libmemcached and the memcached gem on Leopard

16 Feb 2009


facepalmWhat a huge pain in the ass.I just spent hours trying to get every combination of these two to work together and nothing worked.   A handful of versions of libmemcached had no problems installing – .24, .25 and .26 were all easy to install, both from source and from macports.  However, getting the memcached gem to install proved to be way way more difficult.I tried with a myriad of options – the most promising piece of information looked to be from this gentleman’s website – but also proved fruitless.The final solution, after a LOT of googling and clicking around the rubygem forums – this post at Evan Weaver’s blog.  The libmemcached-0.25.14.tar.gz and memcached-0.13.gem tarball and gem, respectively, installed easily without any problems.  After downloading all I had to run was:

tar -xzvf libmemcached-0.25.14.tar.gz

cd libmemcached-0.25.14

./configure && make && sudo make install

cd ..

sudo gem install memcached --no-rdoc --no-ri

Done.Finally.Update:  There seems to be a few issues with the gem I link to being installed correctly in Snow Leopard.  After spending too much time trying to figure out why the gem wouldn’t install, I installed the current memcached gem (from gemcutter) on a whim – and it compiled, and worked, without a problem instantly.   So, if you’re running Snow Leopard and looking to install the memcached gem, try out the latest version first.One caveat – I’m still using the memcached server I linked to above, version  0.25.14, still from Evan Weaver’s site

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