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Slides available for Railsconf 2011

18 May 2011


Take a look fast because I’m sure some (not all) of these won’t last long. More are on the way as I comb through the twitter stream of speakers providing links.

Zach Holman – Double-Shipping Software for Profit – Jeff Casimir – Fat Models Aren’t Enough – Models Aren’t Enough - RailsConf.pdf Matt Parker – Readme Driven Development – John Nunemaker – Why You Should Never Use an ORM – John Athayde and Bruce Williams – Building Bulletproof Views – Bulletproof Views Presentation.pdf Derek Collison – Cloud Foundry – The Rails Developer’s Perspective – Foundry – The Rails Developer’s Perspective Presentation.pdf Nick Gauthier – KnowSQL: Database Tricks To Make Your Life Easier – Clinton R. Nixon – Upgrading Legacy Rails Applications to Rails 3 – Legacy Rails Applications to Rails 3 Presentation.pdf Mikel Lindsaar – Keeping Rails on the Tracks – Adam Keys – Mixing a Persistence Cocktail – Hiro Asari – 20 Productivity Tips pdf keynote Matteo Latini – Building Bulletproof Views – Bryan Liles – Active Support –

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