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Happy 11th Birthday Pearl!

04 Dec 2021

I’d mentioned in the previous post that it was a busy week. So much going on that I neglected to mention that this week we celebrated Pearl’s 11th trip around the sun. It’ll be March before we celebrate her “Gotcha Day” with us, but, it still feels like yesterday, and a million years ago, that we met her on Pond Ave near JP. She was a tiny meatball covered in white fur, clad in a pink sweater, barking at a German Shepard taking its afternoon walk. In those 11 years there have been approximately 23,874,982,374,923 squeaky tennis balls, 234,223,129 growls at us for kissing her head (only her family – she’s very sassy), and those two numbers multiplied for the number of kisses she’s given us.

She may be ornery, but she’s ours, and we love her.

Birthday Pearl

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