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ezCater summer sweetness '23

21 Jul 2023

Last week we learned that our CEO of 16 years, Stefania Mallett, would be stepping down as CEO of ezCater. After next month she’ll be embarking on the next chapter of her life, retirement(-ish?). I mention this because this week we had the company’s summer party, AKA “Summer Sweetness”. So it’s fitting that we all got together to celebrate the last year+, and her time as the leader of a company which I consider the best in my 20+ years-long career. The past 4 years have been some of the hardest, and some of the most rewarding of my work life. An inordinate amount of credit should be paid to Stefania, as the company she’s built is built on core principles that align well with my own. No place is perfect, and each individual’s journey is their own, but I’m grateful for my time here. To that, I say congrats to her, and I am forever grateful for all she’s done. Kudos!

Aaaaaanywho – “ezCater Summer Sweetness ‘23”! There’s not much that I may say with words that I can’t better express with photos. The people I work with make it the place it is. So here are some photos with my co-workers from the several days this week where we all got together.

(If anyone from my team ever reads this? Thank you for everything you do. Day in. Day out. You are all remarkable people!)

Group photo in Post Office Square (Boston).
07.18.2023: After lunch group photo in Post Office Square.
Our captain, and tour-guide, Scott.
07.19.2023: Our captain, tour-guide, and knower-of-all-things "Boston Harbor" -- Scott.
Fellow passengers on the SS Ez -- also, co-workers!
07.19.2023: My co-workers, friends, and fellow Harbor-sailers enjoying a leisurely ride.
Me, on the boat, giving the thumbs up to a good trip on the water.
07.19.2023: It was a good trip! 👍
Group photo of several ezCaterers enjoying themselves on the Tall Ship.
07.19.2023: Members, past and present, of a team I'd previously lead, but forever comrades.
Joel and Derek, all smiles.
07.19.2023: Myself and Derek. All smiles.
Joel and Marco, at a bar, with big smiles.
07.19.2023: Myself and Marco. Also all smiles, and potentially clearly quite tipsy!

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